Therapeutic back massage

Medical back massage is carried out by a specialist who has thoroughly studied various massage techniques. All of them are used to solve certain problems. The benefit of relaxing massage is the general improvement of a person’s health, relaxation. Treatment techniques are aimed at eliminating certain health problems, which are concentrated in the back – lower back, cervical collar zone, between the vertebrae, in the rib area. Back massage is recommended with almost every one of them.

In some cases, patients note a connection between back pain and numbness in the leg. This is just one example of how much the problem can affect the overall quality of life. Therefore, a competent selection of appropriate professional back massage techniques will help to relieve pain and spasm, ease movement, improve sleep and generally bring a lot of benefits.

Indications for back massage

Many patients see a masseur after they have been consulted by a doctor. In this case, the technique is selected based on the doctor’s recommendations and the diagnosis made. Also, a masseur can be contacted by a person who simply feels tension in the back, pain from sitting in an office chair for a long time, etc.

List of indications for which it is recommended to give a therapeutic back massage:

  • Different kinds of pain associated with back discomfort. It may be a certain place in the lumbar area that is pulsating. When sitting for a long time, some people have a lot of pain in the neck and sometimes the pain “gives” to the legs, hands, head. Back massage at home, the price of which is effective and useful in comparison with other methods of treatment.
  • Fractures and injuries. Rehabilitation massage helps to recover from injuries more quickly.
  • Osteochondrosis. In the elements of the spinal motor segment of the impaired functionality, which makes movement painful.
  • Local paralysis. Therapeutic back massage in St. Petersburg helps to speed up rehabilitation.
  • Contusions, sprains. Relieving tension and improving blood circulation helps to recover more quickly.
  • Neuralgia, exacerbation of neuritis.
  • Cutting of tissues and muscle deformities.
  • Consequences of dislocations, fractures. It is often the case that after a fracture a person continues to feel pain, limited movement. Massage helps to finally solve the remaining problems.
  • Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia. With bronchitis, back massage at home helps to improve sputum withdrawal; with asthma, breathing stabilizes; with pneumonia, the recovery process is accelerated.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Massage improves blood circulation, restores the frequency of stools, which is especially useful for constipation.

Chronic fatigue, weak immunity, scoliosis, muscle atrophy, hypertension, arterial weakening, gastritis, post-infarction conditions – all these problems can be accompanied by a therapeutic back massage.

After the first session, you can feel relief, improved mobility and pain reduction. After completing the full course of treatment, a tangible therapeutic effect is guaranteed.

Types of back massage

A back massage at home can be performed by different techniques. It all depends on what exactly the result is to be obtained, what caused the problem.

Varieties of back massage offered:

  • Classic. Suitable for almost everyone – helps to strengthen the back, relax, improve health.
  • Relaxing. The effect on the back is soft, relaxing. A person feels the burst of energy, relieving tension, improving health in general.
  • Manual massage. Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and muscles by working out certain places on which the result depends.
  • Therapeutic. In this category there are several directions. For example, a masseur chooses one tactic for asthma relief, another for bronchitis or osteochondrosis.
  • Reflective. Aimed at improving the functioning of internal organs, the impact on the nervous system.
  • Sports. Can be preliminary (training) and restorative, aimed at improving the condition after intensive physical training.
  • Reinforcing. Hypotension and weakness of the muscles is a serious problem, which does not allow to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to call home strengthening massage prophylactic.

It is recommended that you order a back massage at home if you are not feeling well, are unable to move around, have been injured or have undergone surgery. All types and techniques of professional back massage can be implemented in a quiet home atmosphere, comfortable for the patient.

It is also possible to have canned massage, which usually belongs to the category of therapeutic techniques.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic back massage is carried out to solve the above tasks. The effectiveness of the technique is high, because due to the complex of procedures it is possible not only to recover from trauma and recover faster, but also to start the natural processes of the body, contributing to the strengthening of immunity and health in general.

Medical back massage is characterized by a number of advantages:

  • the ability to influence several organs, systems, and musculoskeletal system at once;
  • Minimal contraindications for back massage at home;
  • Health promotion in general;
  • fast result.