Anti Doping
Author: BMAF First Published: 01/01/2015

BMAF Guide to the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) System

The TUE system allows athletes to register prohibited substances when they have been prescribed for legitimate, therapeutic use for a medical condition. This avoids the need for disciplinary action should the substance be found during doping control. See the following.

If you are randomly selected to attend a Doping Control Test and you are not familiar with what to do, you will find very clear and comprehensive information on Click on the box labelled Rules - Procedure.  This will reveal a drop down menu for Rules - Procedure on the right of the screen with all the information you need.  Click on the line Doping Control Procedure in order to watch the video "What happens during a Doping Control Test".  Do remember that you are entitled to be accompanied to the Doping Control Room,  A Team Manager will accompany you if available.

Any queries regarding the system should be addressed to:

David Herbert
Anti-Doping Manager UK Athletics
Alexander Stadium
Walsall Road Perry Barr
Birmingham B42 2BE

Tel: 0121 713 8432 Mobile: 07803 671978

To check the status of registered medicines refer to:

Further anti-doping information can be found on