Author: BMAF First Published: 01/01/2015


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Are you hoping to break a record?

Are you officiating at an event where masters records may be broken?

All records are subject to ratificationRecords achieved at competitions with UKA Permit levels 3-5, will automatically ratified once notified to the Records Coordinator, who will check the application is correct and the criteria for a record has been for met.  The same applies to EMA and WMA championships. Records in other competitions can only be ratified if a track or field event record form has been filled in and signed by the appropriate officials.

It would help if the application was supported by the official result, Photo finish picture or a copy of the Field event card. Remember the wind card would also be required for Horizontal Jumps should this not be available on the official result.

When entering a TRACK event, please ensure that when a organiser "States fully Electronic Timing", they are aware that the system used needs to be correctly aligned (IAAF/UKA rule 165). That is to say a zero control / gun test must be made and a copy made available to any one setting a British, European or World Masters record. We cannot accept record applications without a copy of the control test! 

Make sure you have a British Masters Record Application form with you and once completed send it off to the Records Coordinator via email or post.


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