Author: BMAF First Published: 01/01/2015

Track & Field - Men

For details of all male rankings visit Power of 10

Track & Field - Women

Sally Gandee, 4 Westfield Road, Hertford SG14 3DJ
Email: sally@gandee.org.uk

Female T&F rankings for 2013 are available from her at price £4.00 (cheques payable to Mrs S Gandee) plus an A5 SAE with a large stamp. This latest edition includes over 7000 performances.


Visit Power of 10 for up-to-date rankings.

UK all time combined event rankings are compiled by:

Ian Thomas, 8 Sandygate Park Road, Sheffield S10 5TY
Email: ian66thomas@gmail.com

These rankings are taken from published results and are not subject to official verification. They have been re-scored to WMA 2010 age group factors.

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World Rankings

UK Men and Women Masters Athletes can submit performances to the World Masters Athletics Rankings lists, by going to https://mastersrankings.com/