Osteopath is involved in diagnosing and finding areas of injury that a person has suffered during his or her life, such as birth traumas, intrauterine, sports and other injuries. Osteopath affects the cause of illness, not the place of sickness, but the cause of it.

And the reasons usually lie in the areas of injury, surgery or inflammation. This is the first major difference between osteopathy and manual therapy, which affects the patient and the entire spine, regardless of the cause. And this is wrong, because it destabilizes the body, contributing to the progression of the disease, although it gives the illusion of relief for some time.

The second important difference is that osteopath affects the patient very delicately. The more qualified an osteopath is, the more gentle his techniques are. Often it is very similar to some kind of light touch, which is very comfortable and sometimes almost not even felt. It often happens that the patient falls asleep at the session.

And the third difference is in the qualification of the doctor. To become a chiropractor, it is enough to specialize in a few months. To become an osteopath, you need to study for several years with a medical degree.

And, of course, safety is important in the work of an osteopath. Chiropractic is a coarser treatment that does not exclude the possibility of additional injuries and other side effects. Osteopathy is much softer, and with it the possibility of such results is reduced to zero – this is a feature of osteopathic techniques.

So in the case of osteopathy, we’re talking about the problems of the musculoskeletal system?

This is a misconception. With all the tissues and systems of the body. Osteopath affects any zone. It can be not only musculoskeletal systems (although we work with them most often because they are often the areas of damage), but also diseases of the central nervous system, digestive system, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, reproductive system.

Do osteopaths resort to instrumental examinations and laboratory tests?

But it is more like an aid to seeing what structural changes have taken place in the patient’s body. For example, electro-myography results to understand which nerve conduction is impaired, to better understand the level of nervous system damage.

But it is more like an aid to seeing what structural changes have taken place in the patient’s body. For example, electro-myography results to understand which nerve conduction is impaired, to better understand the level of nervous system damage.

Of course, electroencephalography (EEG), tomography (MRI, CT), radiography. All this is necessary, it is useful, but we are based on the diagnosis, which we carry out ourselves on the session. All this is in a complex.

How does the treatment begin? Diagnostics, and then?

After diagnosis, osteopath primarily affects the area of primary damage. Usually it happens without any effort, loud clicks, twists and turns. But this again depends on the qualification of the specialist.

“Basic” osteopathy is more powerful, more perceptible, and high-level osteopathy is much softer and more delicate. It can be easily pressed, touched, stretched. There can also be sudden movements, but with a small amplitude, subtle, painless.

Everything is interconnected. If a person gets damage, injury to the musculoskeletal system, it affects the entire body without exception and can even cause disorders of the central nervous system.

Can osteopath work with eye swelling, facial asymmetry and other appearance problems?

Working with disorders of venous and lymphatic outflow, capillary blood supply, disturbed in the process of injuries or inflammation.

Speaking of the face, we often deal with the consequences of birth injuries, intrauterine injuries, as well as blows that a person gets as a child (swings, falls of the chin on the ground, blows to the face or face during sports competitions).

In addition, after dental interventions, there are very often various disorders in the face area. And all this can lead to violations by ENT-organs, various sinusitis, visual impairment.

If we talk about skull asymmetry, we can change its shape only to a small extent, because it is a bone. In doing so, we can improve the mobility of the skull bones, the mutual position of the skull bones, and this affects both the shape of the face and the shape of the nose, if it is traumatized.

If we talk about the cosmetic effect, the work of osteopaths in the direction of osteopathic facelift helps to remove swelling, reduce the tendency of ptosis and improve symmetry, smooth wrinkles.

Advice to prevent future problems with the musculoskeletal system?

When it comes to preventing diseases that may develop after sports or other injuries, you may contact osteopath as soon as possible so that there are no consequences.

The pain will pass, and the consequences of this injury will remain in the body and after a while may come out completely differently in the form of a disease. And a person will not even suspect that this is the consequence of the same injury he once received, because he did not go in time to osteopath.

Showing the osteopath of a newborn baby right after birth. And in order for the baby to be born healthy, it is better to visit the osteopath during pregnancy. It has been proven that even one osteopathy session reduces the risk of an emergency caesarean section by a factor of three.

The most pregnant woman after the session will be able to move more easily, breathe more easily, the space for the development of the child in the uterus will also increase, and the symmetry and blood supply of the uterus will improve. It will be easier for a woman to give birth, and it will be easier for a child to be born.

After the course of treatment it is also necessary to consolidate the effect. For this purpose, we have a special course of gymnastics in the clinic, where the patient is taught exercises that he can do himself. In addition, everyone is given detailed recommendations on how to sit at the computer, in the car, how to do the lessons correctly, in what position and on what pillow it is better to sleep.

That is, these are quite simple things that a person can do himself, if he wants, on which depends on his state of health.